Wellapanti is a knowledge and talent sharing classified which provide local communities and individuals in high talent growth with vibrant talent hunters and researchers. Wellapanti connects local people to share, transfer and exchange knowledge and their talent by making it fast and easy for anyone to post a listing through their mobile phone and web.

Wellapanti understand that every person is god gifted by some talent which he can share with others. Wellapanti provides a platform where each person can help others in their own unique way.


At Wellapanti, we believe to create a better world where every person can enjoy their field of interest. Every talented person should get what he deserves and getting the respect what he actually deserves.

Wellapanti was started on 10th Jan 2017 with an idea for physical interaction between talented people. It was founded by Purva Agarwal. Wellapanti is consumers to consumers platform and a marketplace to find most talented people. People can post an ad for health, entertainment, education, cooking sessions etc. Similarly researchers and curricular activity lovers can approach these talented people in their locality.

Wellapanti is consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform, and the country’s largest marketplace for talented people. Wellapanti has been at the forefront of building and expanding the online classifieds talent market in the country. The platform, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile-web, offers a free, fast, and hyper-local way for Peopls.